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10 things you should declutter in your kitchen

10 things you should declutter in your kitchen

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Sister, I don’t know about you, but social distancing has caused me to declutter many areas in my house recently! My kitchen seems to be everyone’s favorite spot in the house these days!

For me, it’s the place where I feel like I have to clean 24/7! Which has caused me to do some extra organizing and decluttering!! Some people may think what in the world do you need to get rid of in the kitchen, it’s not like throwing papers away or old clothes.

Over time, we stop using certain gadgets in our kitchen, and kind of just forget about them! Then they just sit under the cabinets and do nothing! Today I want to share with you 10 things in your kitchen you can declutter to make your kitchen happy again, and perhaps more breathable.

10 things you should declutter in your kitchen

10 things to Declutter in your kitchen, now!

  1. Silverware! (Maybe some old baby utensils, utensils that don’t match, etc)

  2. Old Tupperware! (Ones that are ruined from the microwave, cracked, or have no lids)

  3. Junk drawer (Because we all have one right?)

  4. Dishes (Bowls and plates that you don’t use anymore, and possibly if you just have too much!)

  5. The artwork on your fridge and magnets!

  6. The top of your fridge (We probably forget about the stuff on top of our fridge!)

  7. Inside of your pantry (I know my pantry can always use a good declutter and organization)

  8. Inside of your fridge (Get rid of any old sauces that you don’t use anymore etc)

  9. Kitchen Gadgets! (Like muffin pans, Gorge Foreman Grills, Blenders, how many of these things do you really need?

  10. Cleaning supplies (of course this depends on where you keep your cleaning supplies!)

That’s it for today friends! I hope this gives you some encouragement inspiration to get your kitchen into tip-top shape!

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