100 things to declutter and clean during social distancing

100 things to declutter and clean during social distancing  

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It’s Spring and we’re all stuck in social distancing. What better time to start decluttering, organizing, and cleaning your house than right now? The most popular reason people don’t declutter is that they don’t have enough time. However, that isn’t the exact case anymore.

Sure, Netflix is great, but I have six people in my house, and if my house is cluttered, I can’t concentrate on anything! My friend all you need is some trash bags and the right mindset!

Decluttering, organizing, and cleaning makes you feel rejuvenated and your house feels lighter. Less stress and more happiness.

Especially at a time like this! Don’t forget that!

So if you are stuck on trying to find things to do while you are social distancing…in no particular order, here are 100 ways to declutter your house starting today!!

clean and declutter while you are social distancing

Declutter these items out of your life starting now:

    1. Old movies
    2. Music CD’s (yes they still exist)
    3. House Decor (Wall art you may no longer want)
    4. Pantry (get rid of old food you don’t use anymore)
    5. Kitchen utensils
    6. Junk drawer
    7. Adult Clothes
    8. Cookware
    9. Cleaning supplies
    10. Office supplies
    11. Christmas Decor
    12. Halloween Decor
    13. Easter Decor
    14. Nail Polish
    15. Medicine
    16. Crayons
    17. Pencils
    18. Kids clothes
    19. Bedding
    20. Blankets
    21. Shoes
    22. Towels
    23. Cords (such as phone chargers, HDMI chords)
    24. Dishes (plates, bowls)
    25. Craft supplies (paints, paintbrushes)
    26. Old pictures
    27. Delete downloads and files off of your phone
    28. Books
    29. Coloring Books
    30. Magazines
    31. Paperwork
    32. Notebooks
    33. Sentimental Valued items
    34. Nik Naks
    35. Board Games
    36. Playing Cards
    37. Hygenic Supplies
    38. Delete old apps off of your phone
    39. Delete old downloads off of your computer
    40. Close old accounts you don’t use anymore
    41. Shredd old bills you don’t need to keep
    42. Sign up for paperless to stop receiving papers in the mail
    43. Delete old contacts out of your phone
    44. Cancel subscriptions that you don’t use anymore
    45. Delete or unfollow friends on Social Media that you don’t care about
    46. Jewelry (Get rid of any old jewelry you don’t like anymore or don’t wear)
    47. Sporting Goods (Footballs, Bats, Sporting Equipment)
    48. Art Work and Pictures in the Fridge
    49. Inside your fridge (not only cleaning it out but also getting rid of expired or unhealthy foods)
    50. Exercise Equipment

Get your Spring Cleaning on by following these simple cleaning tips:

      1. Dust every single fan in your house
      2. Wipe down every TV and electronic device your house
      3. Wipe down and sanitize every chair in your house
      4. Clean all the showers in your house, and clean the drains!
      5. Dust the ceilings and walls in every single room
      6. Clean all your windows inside and out!
      7. Organize all of your kitchen essentials, pots, pans, measuring cups, etc.
      8. Wipe down with a sanitizing wipe all light switches in every room
      9. Wipe down all your kitchen cabinets (and knobs if you have them
      10. Dust all the wall art you have in every room
      11. Wipe down your walls
      12. Wipe down all the doors in your house (front and back)
      13. Wipe down your entertainment center or TV stand
      14. Wipe Down and Sanitize your kitchen table, I’m taking tabletop and legs
      15. Clean your fridge, freezer, on the inside and outside
      16. Clean the baseboards in every room
      17. Dust all lams or lights on fans in every room
      18. Mop all tile in wherever it may be in your house
      19. Wash or wipe down your shower curtain (yes this is a thing)
      20. Wash all the curtains in your home
      21. Check all fire alarms, wipe them down and replace batteries if needed
      22. Wipe down all exercise equipment and sanitize them too!
      23. Wash all bedding
      24. Wipe down bed frames
      25. Clean out any box fans you may have (get that dust out etc)
      26. Deep clean your toilets (get in all the crevices to clean off any remaining urine)
      27. Wipe down all your furniture
      28. Organize your pantry and wipe down shelves
      29. Don’t forget to clean your countertops in the kitchen and bathroom
      30. Clean out your washer! (they can get dirty and totally stinky)
      31. Wipe down your trash can
      32. Clean your dishwasher (inside and out)
      33. Clean your oven inside and out (bonus if you pull it out and get a good sweep and mop)
      34. Clean all mirrors (Bathrooms and decorative
      35. Mow your lawn and pull weeds
      36. Water your plants
      37. Vacuum the inside of your couch
      38. Vacuum underneath your couches
      39. Clean and Sanitize toys
      40. Wash stuffed animals
      41. Wipe down computers, phones, Xbox controllers, and keyboards
      42. Wipe down your front door
      43. Sweep your patio
      44. Wipe down all door frames
      45. Clean out any tough carpet stains
      46. Shampoo any rugs in your house
      47. Wash your car
      48. Clean out all the junk in your car
      49. Sanitize your car
      50. Vacuum out your car

This list is LONG sister! Try not to let that overwhelm you! Try one or two things a day, that could use some help in your home, whether that is decluttering or cleaning! Happy home = happy you.

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