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15 Tips that will save you money on groceries

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15 Tips that will save you money on groceries

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Being a family of six on a budget can be a challenge! Being a family of six living off of one income can be an even bigger challenge! My husband and I both used to work, and live with family, but now that we are living solo, with four kids, let’s just say our life is different!

Ever since our first son was born, I have been trying to figure out ways to save money from groceries that would allow us to live more comfortably! This has been nine years in the making, and although I am always looking for ways to save money, I can confidently share these 15 tips that will save you money on groceries!

15 ways to save money on groceries, frugal living on a budget

15 Tips that will save you money on groceries!

Buying less meat-

For some families, this may seem a bit extreme. I can see why, I mean if you aren’t vegetarian, some of your favorite dinners include meat. Let me be 100% honest and tell you, it’s not that bad. When I was looking over our budget trying to cut back and save more for snacks for the kids or anything else we might need, meat was the first thing I cut out.

You don’t NEED it, it’s quite pricey too. When I choose not to buy meat, every two weeks we save $40-$60. For me and my family, that’s basically a tank of gas and a half.  Even if your not willing to cut back completely, look at your dinner list and see if you can cut meat out of two dinners.

Setting an overall budget for groceries-

Yeah seems simple enough right? Sticking to a budget can be difficult, but when you stick to a budget, this allows you to keep an eye on what you are buying. Things you need, don’t need, etc, which can help you save money in the long run.

Setting a budget just for dinners- 

As mentioned above, setting an overall budget is important, however, there is one budget that has won me over, and that is setting a dinner specific budget. I could set a budget every two weeks for $400, but if I don’t set a budget I could EASILY spend, $300 on dinners. It’s not a necessity. Our budget for dinners is $150 every two weeks, that comes out to just a little over $10 dollars a dinner, plus sometimes we have to wait longer than two weeks, so if I am able to stretch my dollar for 17 dinners with the same budget anyone can!

Stop buying sodas and sugary drinks at the grocery store-

If you love a good beverage, but you’re also trying to cut back on your groceries, this is a great way to do so! Just think of all the drinks you may buy and probably don’t even realize it! Let me refresh your brain, bottled water, soda, sports drinks, tea, beer, wine coolers, two liters, juice, I mean I could go on but, do you see what I mean? Keep it simple and stick with the essentials, water, milk, etc.

Utilizing Grocery Pick Up Services-

Yeah, coupons are cool, but have you ever used a grocery pick up service before? It’s hands down a godsend. I love it so much you would think I worship the thing. I have been using grocery pick up services for over 5 years now. I know it kinda sounds crazy. There are many reasons I love it, however, the one reason I want to share it with you is BUDGET!!!! I know, I talk a lot about budget, it’s important to me, and I hope it becomes a stigma for you too.

What I love about grocery pick up, is you do everything online, which means you can see what you are spending literally every time you add something to the cart. So if for any reason, your dinner budget goes over, you can immediately adjust it. Let’s just say, grocery pick up has kept me in check.

For instance, maybe a particular dinner was more than I expected so I’ll swap it out, or maybe I bought cookies that we didn’t really need. This allows me to be mindful of my spending, I really hope you can check it out!

My favorites I use are Sam’s Club Pick Up, Fry’s/Kroger Pick Up, Sprouts Pick Up, and Walmart Grocery Pick Up.

Stop buying bottled water-

Maybe I sound like a broken record, but cutting back on bottled drinks really can save money. I buy bottled water for special occasions only. We have a water dispenser, and use that for our daily water intake. Get some reusable water bottles! This will save you money and, of course, it’s better for the environment!

Stop buying plasticware- 

Trust me when I say, I love paper plates, bowls, and cups. I am a mom of four and a wife, if anyone gets it, it’s me. They may be cheap, depending on your liking but when I get plates I like sturdy ones, which means more money. Either way, they aren’t saving you any money aside from maybe a little off of your water bill and your sanity. That’s about it. They certainly aren’t helping your grocery budget.

Get a steam mop-

For me and my family, cleaning products are included in our grocery budget. Even if yours aren’t, it still doesn’t hurt to save where you can. Let’s talk about Swiffers. They can make your house smell nice right? That’s about it. In my personal opinion, but they didn’t really clean my floors like I thought. I ended up making the switch to a steam mop we got from Amazon. We bought it and never looked back.

The amount of dirt that comes off with this steam mop is pretty gross, but it’s a good thing, it’s my proof I made the right switch!

The mop comes with two washable cleaning pads and that’s exactly where I save my money. No disposable cleaning pads!

Stop taking your kid’s shopping with you-

I’m literally sitting here cracking up, because I know I don’t need to explain this one!

Stop buying sugary snacks-

I know, cookies and ice cream are delicious and so are fruit snacks, but they aren’t healthy, and talking those off of my grocery list has not only saved us money but also helped us eat healthier!

Buy in bulk!-

Costco and Sams Club my friends!! buying in bulk is way cheaper! Pro-tip is buying in bulk with their brands! Costco and Sams Club sell some pretty great stuff!! I get my dinners at the grocery store and buy snacks at Sam’s! This is perfect, especially for a big family!

Buy what you need first!-

Keeping your needs first should be at the top of your priority list because it’s so easy to fill your grocery list up with junk! You can do it!

Only buy what’s on sale!- 

Buying what’s on sale isn’t always so easy, especially if brands you love aren’t on sale. Although I highly encourage you to spread your taste buds and give something new a try. Store brands can be awesome, sometimes even better than name brands! This will absolutely save you money!!!

Eat the same dinner twice!-

You may be thinking huh??? Here’s what we do. Every two weeks when I make the grocery list, I break the dinners up into 7 dinners instead of 14. This saves A LOT of money. I use ingredients twice instead of buying 14 different dinners, and sometimes I can even buy in bulk!

For instance, if we were having tacos, I might but some salsa, I can use that salsa for two nights, instead of buying a whole separate dinner.

Try it! Spread it out however you like!

Stop buying paper products-

Kind of like plastic ware, you don’t NEED paper plates. Yes, they are wonderful for a long day, but they aren’t helping your wallet get any bigger!!!


I hope you take with you that grocery shopping can be challenging, you can maximize your budget by buying in bulk and saving in-store brand items, and stop buying items you don’t need! You got this, sister! 

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