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25 Ways to Practice Self-Care in the Spring

25 Ways to Practice Self-Care in the Spring

Spring is upon us, and I don’t know about you, but the different seasons change my mood. Although where I live it’s normally hot, and I mean in the 100’s hot, I still get excited to do some activities in the Spring I wouldn’t normally do any other time of the year.

Allowing time for self-care plays a huge part in your happiness, utilizes the season changes to do something new and unique!!

25 ways to practice self care in the spring


I present….25 Ways to Practice Self-Care in the Spring!

  1. Plant some Springtime flowers!

  2. Change up a few decorations in your home too bright colors, such as a throw pillow, or a throw blanket!

  3. Spring Cleaning, I know I know, maybe this sounds awful, but if you get in the cleaning mood my friend, DO IT!!

  4. Buy a new candle scent that is more fruity or floral!

  5. Add some indoor plants to your home!

  6. Go outside, sit on your patio, and read.

  7. Color an adult coloring book! Maybe some pretty flowers perhaps! (Keeping the Spring theme)

  8. Go for a bike ride!

  9. Get outside in general! (This may sound silly, but sometimes if I don’t want to go for a walk, I will lay on the trampoline in our back yard, it’s quite relaxing I must say)

  10. Pull out your Springtime clothes, or maybe go purchase a fun colored dress! Something bright and fun, like you!

  11. Host an Easter Celebration at your home or the Park!

  12. Go get a haircut that makes you feel new! Maybe dye your hair lighter!

  13. Take a nap in the late morning or afternoon! This will make you feel energized and ready to tackle the rest of your day!

  14. Play a podcast that gets you motivated! (Try when you are cleaning!)

  15. Meditate, if you aren’t into meditation that much, just give it one try, pull up a Youtube and search guided meditation, I promise even following a 5-minute segment, will make you feel so dang good!!

  16. Bake some homemade springtime cookies!! (Maybe something lemony?)

  17. Go for a Hike! (Even on a trail, nothing to burn you out, just long enough to make you feel good on the inside, and maybe watch the sunset!)

  18. Walk around your favorite store or the mall! (Just get out of the house for a bit!)

  19. Go on a mini road trip! Even just for a day to get out of town! (Eat something new)

  20. Watch a new show, something that you don’t normally watch!

  21. Try a new flavor of Iced Tea! This will be fun!

  22. Sit outside by a fire pit with a friend!

  23. Go to lunch with friends or family! This is so refreshing!

  24. Declutter one room in your house! (Even one makes the load feel lighter)

  25. Eat dinner with your family outside! (Also refreshing)


I hope these 25 ways to practice self-care in the Springtime get you pumped and excited for Spring!! Let me know in the comments what your favorite way to practice self-care in the Springtime is!!

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