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30 Day Self Improvement Challenge

30 Day Self Improvement Challenge

It’s a new season and a new month and before you know it, the new year will be here. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves! Let’s practice living in the moment and improving ourselves every single day! 

You know what they say, a little bit every day, adds up to big results! I am so excited to share with you the all-new 30-day self-improvement challenge! If you are a woman who is ready to change her life then this challenge is for you!

I am so happy you decided to do this challenge with me, as I carefully “hand-picked” tangible ways for you to help you change your life!

These daily challenges will make you feel rejuvenated and good all around! 

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30 Day Self Improvement Challenge

Day 1:

Learn something new! 

Day 2:

Hydrate! Especially if this isn’t your strong suit! 

Day 3: 

Practice Yoga 

Day 4:

Start a gratitude journal!

Day 5:

Start reading a new motivational book

Day 6: 

Listen to a motivational podcast

Day 7:

Get some fresh air. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes

Day 8:

Compliment yourself

Day 9: 

Cut out all sugar for the day

Day 10:

Take a walk! MOVE.YOUR.BODY

Day 11: 

Challenge Yourself

Day 12: 

Do something today that you always procrastinate

Day 13: 

Challenge yourself. Push yourself just a little harder.

Day 14:

Watch a TED Talk motivational video

Day 15: 

Eat Healthy Wholesome Foods all day!!!

Day 16: 

Get one more hour of sleep!

Day 17: 

Add more vegetables into your diet today!

Day 18:

Smile at a stranger or hold the door open for someone!

Day 19: 

Write down your daily goals. Make small goals that will help you achieve something big!

Day 20:

Do something that scares you!

Day 21: 

Make full eye contact in conversation today

Day 22: 

Declutter something small that will make your space feel more organized and clean

Day 23: 

Stay off of social media

Day 24:

Practice positive affirmations

Day 25:

Don’t spend extra money today!

Day 26: 

Say no to something today!

Day 27: 

Put your needs before others today!

Day 28:

Take a nap!!!

Day 29: 

Take your vitamins!

Day 30:

Don’t eat out!

Day 31:

Get ready for the day!

There you have it, my friends!! The 30 Day Self Improvement Challenge! I hope you do this challenge and feel empowered and refreshed!!💛💛💛

30 Day Self Improvement Challenge







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30 day self improvement challenge



































30 Day Self Improvement Challenge

30 Day Self Improvement Challenge

30 Day Self Improvement Challenge