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4 Amazing Out of the Box Self Care Ideas

4 Amazing Out of the Box Self Care Ideas

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While I can’t speak for everyone, I oftentimes think when someone hears the phrase “self-care” their mind immediately goes to bubble baths and yoga.

The beautiful thing about self-care is it isn’t limited to one thing. It isn’t just bubble baths and yoga, or a nap. Self-care is truly whatever makes you happy and help shift you into the best version of yourself you can be.

There are many many ways to gift yourself with self-care. However today, I want to open you to a different world of self-care, maybe one you never thought of before.

I want to help YOU live the best life you can live.

Personally, I have practiced all of these, and I can confidently, say why didn’t I think of these a long time ago? Hence, why I hope to bring them into your life soon, rather than later.

I present to you: Out of the box self-care ideas for a healthy mind.

4 amazing out of the box self cared ideas


FREE YOURSELF OF TOXIC FRIENDS- Maybe this is something you do already. Maybe this is something you struggle with because you’re just too nice. I have been there before. Plenty of times where a friend I have made just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle, and I just let it go.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, the thought of this may give you anxiety or stress you out. However, sometimes people just aren’t meant to be in our lives, and that’s ok.

Keep in mind, you don’t technically have to kick them to the curb. Maybe that’s something you just don’t like to do. Even limiting your time with someone can help. Whatever it is that makes you feel better on the inside, is what you need to do.

IT’S OK TO SAY NO- For years, I was always that person who would just say yes to everything. It didn’t matter what the occasion, an hour talk on the phone, picking up an extra shift at work, going to a birthday party on the weekend.

This used to STRESS me out. Seriously. I have always, always put everyone before myself. Surely, that can not be healthy.

One day, I woke up and decided, I had to stop this. You may feel bad at first, feeling like you are letting people down, but remember that you matter too. You have needs and sometimes it’s ok to be selfish.

So if your friends want you to go out this weekend and you just don’t feel like going, it’s ok. The world will keep turning! Most importantly, you will feel better.

DECLUTTER- I want to share my story here. I am a stay at home of four, homeschooling mom, wife, and business owner, I am home about 85% of the time.

When my house is messy, my entire world is messy. I don’t mean toys on the floor. I mean overflowing closets, books we don’t read, mail piling up I haven’t even looked at.

You cannot live a stress-free life unless you declutter and then organize your home. Maybe that sounds a little absurd, but I promise if you just get rid of some stuff you will feel better.

Don’t stress out about it. Just go through something every day, and before you know it, your house will feel like a home again!

GET OFF OF YOUR PHONE- Part of me wishes I could scream this to the world. I love my phone, I do, I have awesome apps, awesome games. awesome people, I can text, but my phone sometimes gets more attention than it should.

If I wanted too, I probably could sit for hours just looking at my phone and doing whatever. What a complete waste of time. Seriously.

What I do (of course you don’t have to do this) is I check my phone in the morning after I do my morning routine. I check my games, social media if I feel like it, etc, and then I put it up on my bookshelf, so its nowhere near me.

I do, however, leave it on loud just in case someone needs to contact me. My productivity rate has skyrocketed, there are so many things you can get done or just do that aren’t a waste of time.

This is such a great way to practice self-care, you are making more time for yourself.

The thing I love about these self-care ideas is that you don’t have to take extra time out of your day, they are just simple changes you can make to your daily life.


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