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5 Things to Stop Buying if you Want to Save Money

5 Things to Stop Buying if you Want to Save Money

Let’s be honest, if you’re in a position where you want to save money because you are “broke” I bet there are a few things you could stop buying to save money. We become accustomed to a certain lifestyle where we feel we “need” things as opposed to wanting. I’ll admit I am guilty of this same thing, but I had to put an end to it if I wanted to save money and stop being broke.

My inspiration for saving money comes from what stuff I want that I can’t have because I don’t have the money, needing money for backup for anything, perhaps a flat tire or just believing that we actually DON’T need these things!

Find your “why”


Ladies and Gentleman I present to you, 5 things to stop buying if you want to save money!

Coffee- America does run on coffee and its a problem. My husband and I one day went out and got coffee and never stopped. I remember one whole week we got it once every day. You guys that’s AWFUL!!! That at least was $50 not including taxes. 


If you feel so desperately that you need coffee, buy yourself a cheap coffee maker, and some ground coffee, this will literally save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Takeout- Another one at the top of the list that many of us are guilty for. I love me some takeout. I think I appreciate takeout even more now that I am a mom for lunch or dinner, but it’s a real money stealer. Takeout for my family is usually anywhere from $45-$50. Just two times out and I’m already looking at $100 in the hole. That’s pretty crazy. Even if it’s only $25 for your family to go out, it’s still money that can be saved and that’s what matters.


Gym Memberships- Gyms are awesome. I love them, but they aren’t a necessity. You can easily get your workout at home. If you are a gym addict and really still want one, try to compromise with a cheaper membership. Such as Planet Fitness. Save even more money by working out at home or taking beautiful walks in your neighborhood.


Nail Salons – Ok beauties, while I know you love to keep your fingernails and toes looking glam, they don’t come cheap. If you want to save money you’re gonna have to stop going, or at least cut back on how often you go. Wait for special occasions or maybe only once a month!

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Cut back on the Brand Names and start Shopping Generic Brands – There is no doubt that switching to generic brands will save you money. If you are someone who always buys name brand items, you are missing out on saving money. In fact, some generic brands taste even better than the name brands. They just want to steal your money 😂

Friends, I hope this helped you think about the way you spend your money. We all have heard it before. Remember these normalcies can be occasional. Turn them into something special rather than an everyday occurrence and save yourself some money!

I believe in you!!!

XOXO, Lindsay 

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5 things to stop buying if you are broke