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50 Awesome Social Distancing Activities for families

50 Awesome Social Distancing Activities for Families

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Oh hey, beautiful mama! I hope you are having a wonderful day! I really mean that! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the well being of my fellow mama’s out there. Self-care is a big deal to me.

I have a huge passion for helping other mamas remember to practice self-care and just to practice it in general.

Before social distancing hit, I was already a work from home mom, a homeschooling mom, homemaker, I mean you get it right? However, this change has been difficult for me and my family believe it or not.

We may seem like homebodies, but we go out VERY OFTEN! Multiple playdates every week, many many park visits, grocery shopping, etc. I am one of those people who have to go outside at one point of the day or I go crazy.

My point is, at the moment we are all in the same boat even if our circumstances were different beforehand.

This may have not been what you imagined your Easter, Spring, perhaps even summer would look like, but I am here to tell you that there is a bright side to all of this.

Which yes, it can be easier said than done at times, but just think to yourself, when was the last time you and your family were home like this? When was the last time you got to slow down and spend some QUALITY time together?

Now I know some mama’s maybe here only looking for activities to keep their kiddos busy while they are working, or maybe some of you are looking for some family activities to spend some quality time with.

No matter what you are looking for, I had three goals when I made this post:

  • List activities for the family and keep kiddos busy!
  • List activities that don’t require leaving your house (even to get supplies)
  • List activities where everyone will have fun

50 Awesome Quarantine Activities for families

50 Quarantine Activities to Do With Your Kids and Family

  1. Potato Sack Race (In the living room with some pillowcases!)
  2. Do each other’s hair, or let your kiddos do yours (get the knots out first)
  3. Build a fort ( Make a movie day out it)
  4. Have a pajama party (Have breakfast together on the floor and watch some morning cartoons)
  5. Go in your backyard and play catch
  6. Go on a bug hunt (look for some ladybugs)
  7. Draw with sidewalk chalk
  8. Go layout on your trampoline and look at the stars
  9. Play a classic board game ( really, I mean we all have something in our house right? Kids love them)
  10. Read, read, and then read some more
  11. Have a scavenger hunt inside the house or in your backyard
  12. Color! This is simple enough, right?
  13. Paint something!
  14. Play with toys!
  15. Pretend play (My kids could do this for hours)
  16. Build something cool out of legos!
  17. Bake something or cook something with ingredients you have in your house (even if it turns out disgusting)
  18. Play Simon Says
  19. Play hide and seek
  20. Exercise
  21. Do some yoga (Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube is the best!!)
  22. Have a “spa day” (paint nails, make face masks, put cucumbers on your eyes, ya know all the fun stuff)
  23. Play video games (TOGETHER)
  24. Clean the house together (I mean my kids clean better when we all help each other)
  25. Have a dance party!!! (Turn that music UP on your TV and just go crazy!!)
  26. Facetime with friends and family
  27. Look through old pictures
  28. Tell jokes! (Look some up, have a book? you got this)
  29. Play charades!
  30. Take some funny pictures on snap chat (My kiddos get a kick out of this)
  31. Do a science experiment (so many involve baking soda and vinegar out there, give it a try!)
  32. Play streamer mummies ( I know not everyone has streamers lying around, but hey if you had any extra???)
  33. Have an egg relay race! Even an Easter Egg will do!
  34. Play card games! War will last for 3 hours…
  35. Write a funny story together
  36. Water play outside! Fill up some Tupperware with water, get some measuring cups, bowls, spoons, sit on the patio and bam! Busy for an hour!)
  37. Let your kiddos run in the sprinkler if you don’t have a pool!
  38. Fly a kite!
  39. Make a sandcastle!
  40. Make some jewelry
  41. Craft something out of toilet paper rolls!
  42. Play I spy! Books, printables, or Real life!
  43. Have dried beans? If you have any to spare, dump some in a plastic bowl, give your kiddos some measuring cups, boom! Again!
  44. Have Hotwheels? Make a track for your kiddos!
  45. Print paper doll printables!
  46. Have any mad libs lying around! If not, you can download some here, or…. mad libs even has an app!! (so funny)
  47. Make a house of cards!!
  48. Have dominos? Make an awesome domino train!
  49. Do a puzzle!!
  50. Create your own game of bowling or ski ball! Using materials in your house! Have water bottles and a baseball??
  51. Make your own bubbles!!
  52. What about going old school? With some play-doh??

Alright, mamas, I hope this list can give you some ideas and hope that we will make it through this quarantine! Be optimistic my friend! I believe in you! Your kiddos may or may not remember this time, but you will! Have fun with it! Do you have any other ways to keep busy while being stuck at home??

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