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50 Ways to Take a Break

50 Ways to Take a Break

There is nothing like a good ole’ quarantine to make you realize that sometimes you just need to take a break. I am a stay at home homeschool mom, business owner, wife, and homemaker. That is a handful and that’s not even all of me. How many of you are in the same boat?

Between homeschool, laundry, cleaning, working, and whatever else, my mind could use extra breaks and I know your’s could too! One of the most important things in the world to me is having a positive mindset. One way I keep a positive mindset is by taking breaks.

Today I want to share 100 ways you can take a break from your busy life. Even if that means for two minutes or thirty. Anything to get you up and away from your day to day task.

Don’t forget taking a break is a good thing!!! You deserve it!

50 ways to take a break

Ladies, I present to you, 50 ways to take a break!

  1. Literally just step away from whatever you are doing. Move your eyes in a different direction

  2. Open your windows and feel the fresh air (This is always so refreshing isn’t it?)

  3. Go for a brisk walk (Keep it nice and simple)

  4. Go for a drive

  5. Close your eyes (Simple yet so effective)

  6. Turn on your favorite music

  7. Turn on any music, listen to something new

  8. Light a candle (breath in that baby )

  9. Pour a nice glass of ice-cold water

  10. Watch something funny

  11. Read a book

  12. Get out of the house ( I do this literally every single day)

  13. Take a walk around your favorite store (Where my Target lovers at?)

  14. Talk to a friend or spouse

  15. Write in a journal (this can be very relaxing)

  16. Take some funny pictures on Snap Chat

  17. Paint your nails

  18. Go fishing (find a nice and quiet spot)

  19. Do some MadLibs (These are perfect for a good laugh)

  20. Watch a movie with your kids

  21. Go get some lunch (I mean who doesn’t want a yummy lunch they don’t have to make?)

  22. Bake a new recipe

  23. Sit on your couch or lay on your couch and enjoy peace and quiet (I mean if you can of course)

  24. Listen to relaxing sounds like rain or the ocean

  25. Read some motivational quotes

  26. Water your plants

  27. Meditate

  28. Listen to some motivational podcasts (Always so inspiring)

  29. Brew some fresh tea (Some fresh peach tea that is)

  30. Stretch

  31. Practice taking deep breaths

  32. Unplug for the day (We all really could use this more often than not)

  33. Play with your pet (My pup always makes me smile)

  34. Go Bird Watching (Who knew bird watching could be so much fun?)

  35. Paint a picture

  36. Watch a motivational speaker on Youtube (There are so many good ones)

  37. Say positive affirmations out loud

  38. Take vitamins

  39. Have a dance party with your family

  40. Write down five things you are grateful for

  41. Set goals for the day

  42. Take a day off from work (A day off is absolutely refreshing right?)

  43. Eat a healthy snack (Cucumbers and Tuna)

  44. Write a letter to a friend (It’s been a while, but come on, try it!!)

  45. Change your outfit (Or just get dressed for the day)

  46. Play a board game or card game

  47. Buy a new outfit

  48. Take a coffee break

  49. Give someone a big hug

  50. Tell yourself “I’ve got this” (Really, tell yourself this)

Friends, I really hope every day, at one point you give yourself a break, take one off my list or create your own! It is so vital that we give ourselves time to breathe!

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50 ways to take a break