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75 Things I Am Grateful For

75 Things I Am Grateful For

75 Things I Am Grateful For

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I know, you woke up this morning and thought I am going to head over to Lindsay’s website and read 100 things she is grateful for 🤪 am I right, or am I right?

Ok, on a serious note, I think we often forget about things we should be grateful for. It’s easy for us to think and hope for things we don’t have. Which can cause some depressing times. Especially when we are having a bad day.

Writing down what we are grateful for not only is good for the soul but also gives us that deep connection of what really matters to us.

100 things to be grateful for may seems like a lot at first. But once you start writing it’s a piece of cake to fill the rest out.

So friends, today I want to share with you 100 things I am grateful for and I hope you’ll join me!

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Here are 75 Things I am Grateful For:

  1. Sunrises

  2. Sunsets (the golden kind)

  3. Bird watching in the morning ( I love red house finches)

  4. This beautiful green and blue earth (green grass and oceans)

  5. For my four amazing children (gotta love em)

  6. For my amazing husband (He is simply the best)

  7. Morning exercises (makes me feel way more productive throughout the day)

  8. Morning tea (I love some ice-cold tea in the morning)

  9. Morning coffee (who can forget about Ice cold coffee?)

  10. Morning silence (ya know before the kids wake up)

  11. Gardening (So calming)

  12. Going to the splash pad with my kids ( I love taking them out in the summer)

  13. Talking to my sisters through Zoom (we have had way more video chats lately thanks to COVID)

  14. Working from home (I love it)

  15. A good book (especially self-help books)

  16. Target (yes I am one of those women and I am round 😉 )

  17. Christmas (gets me In the jolly spirit

  18. Having a washer and dryer in my home (for real though)

  19. My wireless headphones (really what would I do without you)

  20. A good shampoo (that smells tropical)

  21. Seeing family (of course)

  22. Makeup (just for fun)

  23. New outfits (so refreshing)

  24. Being crafty

  25. Hearing my kids laugh (I know sounds corny, but truly is one of the best sounds ever)

  26. Air conditioning (In the summer cause)

  27. Open windows in the winter (yes that’s how hot it is here)

  28. Photography ( I love a good photo session)

  29. Homeschooling my kids (before COVID)

  30. Watching a show that inspires me

  31. Striking conversation with strangers

  32. Spotify (all your music in one place?? Yes please)

  33. Taco Bell (straight up)

  34. Peach Tea (there is nothing like it)

  35. A good candle or wax melt

  36. Movie night with my Hubby

  37. Good leggings (makes all the difference right?)

  38. Water (This has taken me a while)

  39. Showers (couldn’t live without em)

  40. Traveling (always amazing)

  41. Strangers being kind to one another (its the best and melts my heart)

  42. Seeing friends (did I already mention it?)

  43. My glasses

  44. The Office ( can’t get enough of it)

  45. Being creative

  46. Helping others live their best life

  47. Rainy days (so relaxing)

  48. Our puppy (she’s the cutest)

  49. Trips to the library (always chaotic and fun)

  50. Opening the blinds (first thing when I walk out of my room every day)

  51. Making my bed (makes a world of a difference

  52. Having a day off (who doesn’t love to just chill)

  53. Going for walks (getting out in nature is good for the soul)

  54. Meditating (so freaking worth it)

  55. Watching my kiddos play sports (makes a mama so proud)

  56. Family game nights (always crazy)

  57. Giving gifts (always makes my heart happy)

  58. The ability to forgive (makes a heart grow fonder)

  59. New house decor (feels nice and fresh)

  60. Febreeze (I mean aren’t we all a little grateful for some Febreeze)

  61. Baseball season (love me some baseball)

  62. Crafting with my kids

  63. Collecting cards (I really do)

  64. Hard work ethic

  65. Random dance parties in my house

  66. Pretty flowers

  67. My favorite water bottle (can you really ever have enough?)

  68. My blanket that keeps me warm (It’s about 13 years old now)

  69. Bobby pins (where my sisters at?)

  70. Hair cuts (seriously)

  71. Bird studying (I love birds ok)

  72. Connecting with other entrepreneurs)

  73. Listening to nature sounds (so relaxing)

  74. Chapstick (another one of those)

  75. Dresses (always love a cute dress)

As I was writing this out, I realized there is ALOT more to be grateful for. Even when we don’t think so. Get those grateful juices flowing, it will make you feel….grateful.

What 75 things are you grateful for?? Don’t forget to print out your free printable here!

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75 things to be grateful for