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8 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself Every Day

8 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself Every Day

8 simple ways to motivate yourself every day

Getting motivated is hard. It’s just the facts. Sometimes it feels like we are living like robots, waking up to the same thing and doing the same thing all day every day.

Let me tell you a little about me. Before I decided I need a life change, my life looked a little like this: I would wake up between 7 AM and 8 AM I would get up get ready for the day and go get a coffee.

I homeschool my kids (pre-quarantine) so when I got back home I would help get them ready for the day and start school around 9 AM to 10 AM. Let me just tell you, this lifestyle was an absolute drag.

This lifestyle made my day get such a late start I had no motivation for anything else. Nothing at all. I just wanted to get done with school and I had no time for anything else.

You guys, do you see?  I was running not one but two businesses, homeschooling my four children, on top of being a mom, a wife, a homemaker, a sister, a friend, a homeschool co-op leader, and everything else I am.

How was I going to do all these things and still be motivated every day?

That’s when I decided I needed a change. I know if I kept living the lifestyle I was, my kids would see this every day and that was not ok with me.

“If you want to motivate yourself you have to be willing to make some changes” – Lindsay Clark

8 simple ways to motivate yourself every day

8 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself Every Day:

1. Wake Up Early-

I know, I know you have read this, heard this a gazillion times. I know. But sister there is a reason for it, that reason is… it works. If you have been waking up at 8 AM for the majority of your life, there is no doubt in my mind you are going to have to put in the work to wake up at 5

It doesn’t happen fast. You are going to have to practice, there are going to be multiple times when you sleep in, hit that snooze button, and that’s ok. But you can’t give up.

Why does waking up early help motivate someone anyway? Yeah, it sounds insane. Waking up early becomes motivating because you get ahead of your day before it gets ahead of you. End of story. Just try it, there is a reason why so many people do it.

Wake your butt upppppppp.

2. Eat a Good breakfast –

I promise this is not a morning routine post, but what you do in the morning sets you up for the rest of the day. Obviously, I’m not your mother, but as your friend, I am begging you, to eat a good breakfast. I don’t mean a big bowl of fruity peoples, no donuts, no muffins, no sugar guys. I’m talking some good ole fashioned avocado toast. You’ll thank me later!

3. Exercise – 

Another one on my list that is absolutely difficult to accomplish every.single.morning. Yes, I have had days where I slip, but I still do it later. If I wasn’t writing this in chronological order as to what I believe is most important, exercise would be number one on my list. For me, when I exercise early and get it done, I feel like I have already accomplished a lot in such a short amount of time. I have tackled my day. This is so important.

4. Music-

Number four is music to my ears friends. Get it? Music can change anyone’s mood and get them motivated. For as long as I can remember, I have always put on music and blasted it from my boom box or CD player to help me clean. Now? I play my favorite playlists on Spotify, and from time to time I’ll listen to a random one just to change it up. Have a dance party in your living room, have your spouse and kids join. Get everyone motivated! Guys, it’s that easy.

5. Organize/Clean/Declutter your space-

This is crucial to your motivation. It is hard to do anything while your house is a big giant mess. Trust me I four kids. Cleaning happens every day in our home. A quick pick up around the house can make a huge difference. However, I highly suggest decluttering. This will prevent messes in the future.

6. Write down daily goals-

Writing down goals will give your day meaning. Write down three, they don’t have to be big, or too small just achievable in a day! When you finish those goals you will feel happy and accomplished, which will lead you to be motivated!

7. Listen to a motivational podcast-

If you aren’t much of a podcast listener than beware, because you are about to be addicted. There are thousands out there. Give it a try, there is something for everyone and they absolutely will get you motivated and inspired.

8. What fills your cup?-

Last but not least my friends, find what fills your cup. This is the ultimate motivator. Do you like to workout? Do you like to bake? Are you an Artist? Do you own a business? This alone, whatever it is for you, will motivate you to do all of these things! We all have something in us that makes us happy, what does that look like for you?

That’s it for today friends! I hope this helps you get motivated! If you have any motivation tips please comment below! 🙂

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