Self Care

Daily Self Care Checklist

Daily Self Care Checklist

There is no doubt, that self care is absolutely imperative for a healthy lifestyle. You hear it all the time, heck I preach it too. One of the reasons why it’s spoken about so often is because of the busy schedules that women have. It is so often we put our needs last. Ladies this has to stop. 

This is why I have put together a Daily Self Care Checklist. While we may not be able to practice self care every single day as we would on self care Sunday, it is so important that we don’t forget about the other six days.

Adding in this daily self care checklist will make you feel good but also help you not put your needs last. You can do a lot of these activities early in the morning, and hey if you would like to add more activities on another day, do it!

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Daily Self Care Checklist



Wake up early – Believe it or not, waking up early can be very refreshing. This will allow you to get up and get some tasks done before your kids wake up or before you you start doing other tasks during the day! 


Hydrate – No I don’t mean coffee. Drink some water and lots of it! You will feel better. Trust me. 

Eat a healthy breakfast – Eating a healthy breakfast can really set you up for the day. Eating a couple of hard-boiled eggs vs a pop tart will keep you full and give you protein. 

Daily Self Care Checklist

Meditate – If there is anything that can get you in the right mindset for the day that is taking a few minutes a day to meditate! Heck, add in some yoga! 

Jot down your gratitude & goals – Starting off your day by writing down your gratitude and goals will help you feel grateful and achieved, that is a win in my book! 

Practice positive affirmations – Just like gratitude, positive affirmations will help get you in the right mindset and have a positive outlook on the day! 

Daily Self Care Checklist

Get active and move your body – Aside from water, this just might be the most important part of your daily self care checklist. There are so many benefits to getting up and moving your body! Even if it’s just around the block! Just do it! 

Eat healthy today – Well of course you should do this every day, but make good choices! You will feel better!  

Unplug for a while – there is always something refreshing about unplugging and turning off your phone! 

Turn on some upbeat music – Getting up and stretching, dancing for a few minutes, moving around, literally makes all the difference. This can change your mood instantly! 

Full eye contact conversation – At the end of the day, I love having full eye contact conversations with my husband and kids. It’s the best and good for the soul!

Daily Self Care Checklist

Clean up – I mean yourself and pick up around your home so you have a clean space! It’s good for the mind! 

Get a goodnight sleep – Come on ladies! I don’t have to explain this!! Just try your best, you need it!! And deserve it!! 🙂 

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Daily Self Care Checklist

Daily Self Care Checklist

Daily Self Care Checklist