Seasonal Fun Activities for Kids

80 Amazing Fall Bucket List Ideas for Families

80 Amazing Fall Bucket List Ideas for Families

There are only 14 days left until Fall officially starts. You could say I’m a little excited! I bet you are too! I’m dreaming of all the fun Fall festivities and memories that this season will bring.

From Halloween to Pumpkin Spice Candles, there is so much to be celebrated this season!

Even if Fall this year looks a little different, there is no reason why we can’t enjoy Fall fun! I am so optimistic that we can still enjoy the season with this awesome Fall Bucket List Ideas for families!

I have pulled together 80 Fall Bucket List Ideas for Families to enjoy including a FREE PRINTABLE to go along with it! Frame it, keep it in your purse, hang it on your fridge, whatever floats your boat!

Fall Bucket List Ideas for Families

I hope you and your family enjoy these fun activities!

80 Fun things to add to your bucket list this Fall!

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1.Have a pumpkin carving party/contest

2. Make apple cider

3. Read Fall books

4. Read Halloween Books

5. Enjoy a nature walk (observe the changes outside)

6. Buy some new Fall or Autumn inspired outfits

7. Host a football party

8. Buy a fall scented candle (or make one)

9. Freshen up your Fall decor in your home

10. Decorate your porch for Fall or Halloween

11. Make something with pumpkin

12. Make candy apples

13. Go for a hike

14. Make Fall wreaths

15. Do Fall crafts

16. Make a fun Halloween craft

17. Make a Halloween costume

18. Have a Halloween/ Fall inspired movie day

19. Make s’mores

20. Rake a pile of leaves and jump in them!

21. Bake a Fall treat

22. Take a scenic drive and enjoy the Fall colors

23. Enjoy a Fall picnic

24. Go fishing

25. Take an evening walk and enjoy neighbors Fall decor

26. Go birdwatching

27. Go on a hayride

28. Take Fall family pictures

29. Instead of spring cleaning do some “Fall Cleaning”

30. Go to a haunted house

31. Show your children pictures of your childhood from Fall or Halloween

32. Throw a Fall party or Halloween party

33. Try a pumpkin-inspired treat

34. Open your windows and enjoy the breeze

35. Have a reading marathon of Fall or Halloween books

36. Write a gratitude list

37. Enjoy a gratitude scavenger hunt

38. Build something Fall or Halloween themed out of legos.

39. Make pumpkin pie or cinnamon play dough

40. Make Chili (Is is really Fall without chili?)

41. Try a new pumpkin seed recipe

42. Jump on the trampoline with a bunch of leaves

43. Go to the park

44. Visit a corn maze

45. Make a pumpkin volcano

46. Make mini scarecrows

47. Have a bake sale with friends

48. Make a leaf craft

49. Go to a Fall festival

50. Go camping in your backyard

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Friends I hope you and your family enjoy this Fall and can find something fun to do from this list!! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

XOXO, Lindsay

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