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Fall Themed Self Care

Fall Themed Self Care

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One of my favorite seasons is Fall! The cool crisp air, the smell of pumpkin spice, the color change in the trees, Halloween, I love it all! I want to help you love it too!

We all need self-care, and self-care doesn’t only mean go out and buy something for yourself. Do something, make something, etc.

Fall themed self care

So here I have created a list of 10 essentials to help you ENJOY the FALL without breaking your budget and making yourself happy! Self Care +  GOOD Budget + Fall Essentials = One Happy HUMAN

1. MAKE YOUR HOUSE SMELL LIKE FALL – Use an old candle (save yourself money) or if you want to buy a new one keep it at $5.00 or under. There are plenty of options, wax melts at Walmart cost $2.00 to $3.00 dollars. Of course air fresheners, defusers, are always options as well. Check out this one! This is my favorite brand of candles.

2. DECORATE FOR FALL – Pull out your fall decorations and make your house feel more like fall. Remember you don’t have to buy anything, but if you would like to go find a nice new blanket, couch pillow, or door sign, try to keep it under $10.00. Remember, you don’t have to break your bank.

3. GET ARTSY– This can easily be a simple piece of paper, with some paintbrushes, and paint you already have, if you don’t they sell 50 cent bottles of paint at Walmart.

4. MAKE A FALL TREAT – We all know Pinterest is FLOODED with pumpkin recipes, even if you don’t like pumpkin, there are plenty of options. Make what you LOVE!

5. FALL THEMED FLOWERS – The beauty in this is they are beautiful and this takes very minimal effort. Buy a bunch for $5.00! Simple and beautiful!

6. ENJOY THE COOL CRISP AIR – Do I really have to add the details to this? I mean who doesn’t want to go outside, and just feel that cool air in their face?

7. GO FISHING – I know, fishing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have the essentials, this can cost close to nothing, you get to go outside, and hey you can maybe learn something new!

8. PLAY FOOTBALL – If you don’t have a football just use a ball. The point is to get yourself moving, get the family outside, enjoy the fall weather, and make memories together. Who can put a price on that?

9. GET RID OF SUMMER CLOTHES – One of the best feelings in a home, is having a clean organized home if your kiddos are growing out of old clothes, or maybe you have old clothes you just don’t want anymore, help yourself, grab a bag, and fill it up! You get to clean your closet and donate (if you want of course)

10. OPEN YOUR WINDOWS – I feel like this is a given, like a must. (I mean if it’s not too cold yet) I LOVE to open my windows, open the blinds, and let that outside feeling drift in my house.

There you have it, my friends! Self-care is so important and sometimes the same ole activities can get boring, but tying it in with the season makes it even better!

I hope you enjoyed this Fall themed self-care post! 

Fall Themed Self Care






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Fall Themed Self Care

Fall Themed Self Care

Fall Themed Self Care

Fall Themed Self Care

Fall Themed Self Care