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How to Have a Positive Mindset

How to Have a Positive Mindset


How to have a positive mindset (21 Day Challenge + Free Printable)

If you are here because you are trying to help yourself have a positive mindset or a loved one, then you my friend, are in the right place!

When I read the quote above, I was in awe! Talk about perspective! The thing about having a positive mindset is, it’s way easier said than done. You literally have to train your mind to have a positive mindset and look on the bright side.

Often times when something bad happens in our life, or something upsets us, it’s so easy to look at all the wrong. We could easily drown ourselves in negativity.

In order for us to have a positive mindset, we have to look on the bright side and see the good in every situation.

Some might not see the good in every situation and that is where we need to look really hard.

For as long as I can remember, I have always looked on the bright side, so much so that I have started to instilled it into my children. Now I want to help you and teach you how to have a positive mindset!!

How do I train my mind to have a positive mindset?

First Step – Find your motivation for wanting a positive mindset. Is it because you feel like you are negative all the time? Are you stressed out cause all you see is bad? Do you want your kids to have a positive mindset?

Second Step – Write it down. Like this…

Negative Situation: I got salsa on my favorite white t-shirt

Bright Side: I have bleach at home and can wash it out.

Negative situation: I dropped my whole bowl of cereal on the floor.

Bright Side: At least now I will have a clean floor.

That may sound silly but you HAVE to practice. If you don’t practice you won’t train your mind. I want you to do this at least once times a day.

In fact, I have a FREE printable just for you and you are more than welcome to print it out as many times as you want!

Once you start doing this, your mind will start to revert to a positive thought instead of a negative thought!

Third Step: Start saying “well on the bright side or on the positive side” out loud. When you start adding this step as part of your daily routine, it will become a habit to say it and automatically think about it.

Fourth Step: Start helping the people around you: starting with family and friends. It’s like a snowball effect. Practice with them, give your spouse an example and talk about it with your children.

Fifth Step: Surround yourself with positive people. Look I know this might seem a little extreme. Hear me out for a second, I understand nobody is positive 100% of the time, we have other so many emotions and feelings. But you want to hang out with people who are generally positive. Some people are negative all the time and it can absolutely rub off on you.

Sixth Step: Be Patient With Yourself: There is no doubt this will take time 21 Days in fact! If you accidentally revert back to a negative thought, just pause for a second and start over!

Friends, I believe in you! I know you can have the positive mindset you have always wanted! Don’t forget to print out your free printable and track your thoughts! This is the program!!

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There it is my friends, how to have a positive mindset.

What else do you do to help yourself have a positive mindset? Let me know in the comments!

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