How to look on the bright side of life

How to look on the bright side of life

 Today I am so excited to talk about “the bright side” This holds near and dear to my heart! While most of us are social distancing it’s hard to look at the bright side sometimes. We get bored, we get lonely, we may lose our mind just a little but I choose to be optimistic! I hope you do too!

Ways to look at the bright side while social distancing:

Negativity: I’m so mad I can’t socialize with my friends 

Bright Side: At least I get to facetime with them

Negativity: Man working from home stinks

Bright Side: At least I have a job 

Negativity: My kids are driving me nuts 

Bright Side: At least my kids are safe at home with me

There is ALWAYS a bright side. To EVERYTHING.


For as long as I can remember “looking on the bright side” has always been a part of who I am. I can’t exactly tell you why, or how I started saying it, but I can tell you how I have always kept the habit!

So often that I have passed it on to my kiddos! Being optimistic about life is an essential key to being happy! Anytime something bad happens in your life, just look on the bright side!

I want to help you be that same way and help you help your kids! If this is new to you, I have created the perfect solution just for you! A printable that you can write down at least once a day when you turned a negative moment into a bright side moment!

Print it out, practice it, and eventually, it will just become a habit! Even and when it does become a habit, there is nothing wrong with doing this daily for a wonderful reminder of the bright side!

How to look on the bright side of life

Download my printable here! Its 100% free just for you! Feel free to print it as many times as you would like!

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