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My Mindful Morning Routine for Kids


If you asked me two years ago how my mental health was, I honestly couldn’t answer with a smile on my face. I mean I was making it day to day. As a parent, it’s easy to do what you have to do. There are glorious days and then some just drag, no matter what your life looks like.

“Making it” wasn’t going to work anymore. I had to change my lifestyle. I mean everything. Let me paint this picture for you. I am a stay at home mom, wife, business owner, homeschool mom of four, and everything else in between.

On any “normal” day, you can just picture what that looks like. Kids running around the house, constantly wanting snacks, sports practice, co-ops, breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner prep, I mean you get it right?

My Mindful Morning Routine for Kids

However your day may look completely different, maybe you have one child. And they go to daycare while you and your husband both work.

Yet through all of this, you still are doing all of this for someone else.

Maybe this is what most of us lived as children, that life is all hustle and go with no relaxing. Ever. But I know one thing for sure is, that I choose to show my children differently. We all can.

It became very clear to me how important self-care was.

All of this got me thinking one day, I wish as a child, someone had taught me how to practice self-care, mindfulness, meditation, self-growth, and mental health.

Which is why I created my mindful morning routine for kids. Please keep in mind, this routine won’t work for everyone (but of course you can adjust to your liking)

Maybe your children need to get up at 6 AM. Perhaps they already do most of this and maybe you can add in one thing such as a 5 minute guided meditation.

My whole purpose was to create a morning routine that was wholesome, intentional, and not rushed. Get your FREE COPY HERE or Click the image below!

My Mindful Morning Routine For Kids


I hope you and your kiddos can use this each morning to add a little mindfulness to your day! 🙂