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Pinterest Group Boards VS Tailwind Tribes

Pinterest Group Boards VS Tailwind Tribes

UPDATED 6/10/2020

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If you are new to the Pinterest game, please, please, before you make start requesting to join a bunch of group boards, let’s have an honest conversation.

Pinterest Group Boards Suck. There I said it. Ok, that was harsh. They don’t suck, but they have changed. Dramatically.

“Back in the day” when Pinterest Group Boards were created, the purpose of them was to help content creators collaborate with the same idea, different content, all in one place! Sounds pretty amazing right?

This was pure gold for content creators and Pinterest users. The possibility of reach and organic traffic was impeccable.

Pinterest Group Boards VS Tailwind Tribes

Then, something happened. One day, group boards just kind of became a dumping ground for content. A few things that possibly have killed group boards:

  • Non-Niche Specific Group Boards (A group board in which every any content creator can share merely whatever they would like)

  • Content Creators belonged to too many boards at once

  • They became more of a chore than fun

  • They were impossible to join!!!

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I can’t specifically say what changed group boards, however, my reasons above absolutely contributed. Board owners are tired. Plain and simple. So what now??

Not too much further down the road, along came Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind Tribes are like the upgraded version of Pinterest Group Boards. They are exactly what you had hoped for in Pinterest group boards.

You purposely share your content in Tribes so others will share it. By all means, they are not perfect. But the chance of your content getting shared from Tailwind Tribes is way higher than a Pinterest group board.

So why do pins get shared more through tribes more than Pinterest group boards? If you are new to Tailwind let me explain…

  • When you share a pin to Tailwind Tribes, users are sharing those pins directly to their boards. Whether that is their own personal board or a group board, those pins are planned out, pinned, and ready to go.

  • Whereas on Pinterest, when users share a pin to a group board its easy to share there’s and leave.

So now what? Where does this leave us? What do we do now? What do we do next?

Friends, I love Pinterest group boards. Ok maybe the idea of them.

Pinterest Group Boards VS Tailwind Tribes

So what have I done to change my Pinterest Group Board game?

  • I LEFT so many. I checked them, looked at the content that was being shared, were they spammy? Were they high quality? Were they niche specific? These things can certainly hurt your traffic. I highly suggest checking it.

  • I downgraded some of mine, simply to just my own boards. Removed all pinners and let my content shine on my own board.

  • Turned on my request to join button

  • Started only joining boards with the request to join button turned on

  • I only join boards with high reach and not as many pinners, so my content gets seen more.

What about Tailwind Tribes? What can you do to get maximum results?

  • Join niche-specific Tribes.

  • Join tribes with fewer Tribe members and high traffic

  • Create HIGH-quality pins! (this is a must)

  • Share other content often, don’t be selfish.

  • Connect with Tribe mates in the chat!

Pinterest Group Boards VS Tailwind Tribes….Drumroll, please🥁 ….!!!!

Tailwind Tribes.  

I am not by any means trying to dog on group boards but Tailwind Tribes certainly has an advantage right now! (Sign up for Tailwind now and join 5 FREE Tailwind Tribes!) 

It’s good to join both. So my advice overall? 

  • Join a minimal amount of HIGH-QUALITY Pinterest Group Boards, keep then niche-specific, and share others’ content, with a high reach and high activity.

  • Join at least 5 Tailwind Tribes, share high-quality pins, make sure they are niche-specific, share others’ content, with minimal tribe members and high activity.

Does this whole Pinterest and Tailwind thing have you Confused? I can help, Click here! 

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