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Summer Bucket List for 2020

Summer Bucket List for 2020

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Hey there lovely! I hope you had a wonderful week!

Spring will soon be coming to an end and Summer will be here before we know it. You may be wondering how the heck you are going to celebrate summer? I think we all are wondering the same thing!!

Truth is, a lot of the things we love may not be available this year, which can leave us bored out of our minds!

Trust me, I get it. We have been in our homes for at least a couple of months now, it’s so easy to look at the negative side of all of this!

The good news is, even with all the negativity going around, we still can have fun! We can choose to be optimistic! We can choose to be happy!

Guys! This is the time to be creative! This is the time to show our kids that when you are at home there are plenty of ways to have fun!!

Summer Bucket List for 2020

I have compiled an AWESOME summer bucket list for 2020 for you and your family and free printable!!

  1. Swim at night

  2. Camp in your backyard

  3. Have a family game night

  4. Bike ride around the neighborhood

  5. Have a water gunfight 

  6. Movie night in!

  7. Have a baking contest

  8. Have a lego building contest

  9. Water balloon fight

  10. Tie die a shirt 

  11. Make tropical smoothies

  12. Paint self-portraits

  13. Make homemade popsicles

  14. Give your car a nice wash

  15. Give your pet a bath

  16. Make homemade bath bombs

  17. Read a book and watch the movie

  18. Have a dance party

  19. Look through old pictures and watch old videos

  20. Play with play-doh

  21. Enjoy a fun science experiment

  22. Make crazy slime

  23. Build a box fort

  24. Play hide and go seek in the dark

  25. Plant a garden

  26. Visit a splash pad

  27. Fly a kite

  28. Make cereal necklaces

  29. Recreate old family photos

  30. Write a letter to a pen pal!

  31. Send a postcard to a friend

I hope you enjoyed this Summer Bucket List for 2020!

summer bucket list for 2020

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