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The 5 Best Mood Boosters Ever

The 5 Best Mood Boosters Ever

Happy Friday my friends! I hope you are having a great week! The past couple of weeks most of us have been social distancing! I have a feeling it will be the same situation in the next few weeks, at least!

I will admit, this has been a little hard for me social distancing! I am a homeschool mom, a work from home mom, a homemaker, wife, etc. My husband even works from home.

You may think from reading that I like to stay at home more often than not! I’ll let you in on a little secret….I AM NOT A HOMEBODY!! I have to leave my house at least once a day!

So if you are anything like me, if you are used to going to work, if you are used to homeschooling (and having playdates, going on field trips), if you are used to going to the gym, going out to eat, partying, whatever the situation may be, being stuck at home is not easy!

Have you gotten in a funk yet? Have you thought to yourself I am losing my mind? How am I supposed to handle all of this at once? That’s where mood boosters come in. This lifestyle I currently live in didn’t always allow me to leave the house every day, at least with a car. I used to be stuck at home literally losing my mind.

One day I was trying to make a grocery pick up list online, and my kids were being kids, crazy, loud, living their best life. However, that day was the day I had enough. I couldn’t handle the stress anymore of being stuck inside all day with four kids.

That’s the day I decided my life needed to change, I needed to take care of myself before everyone else. However, I will say, no matter how much I have adjusted my lifestyle, some days are still long.

There is nothing wrong with admitting that sometimes we just need a good ole’ mood booster!Β 


Before I tell you the 5 best mood boosters EVER, I want you to keep an open mind and please please give them a try! Because if you really are in a bad mood or frustrated, giving something a try is worth it right?

Listen to music!!!!! –Β 

My favorite way to listen to music at home is to turn on Spotify on my TV, turn it up as loud as I can take it, and dance with my kids in our living room. Sometimes just to change it up, I will pick a random playlist that Spotify has put together. Listening to music really can boost your mood, give it a try!

Keep your house clean-

Trust me, cleaning isn’t my favorite. It takes so much time, especially when you have multiple kids, the cleaning is never-ending. But can we all agree that when we have a clean house we are happier and less stressed out? It just feels good right? Even if it’s just picked up. Sometimes I set a timer on my stove for 10 minutes randomly and have everyone pick up as much as they can! This makes a huge difference!

Go Outside-

With the virus going around, I don’t mean go to the park, or anywhere else fun, I mean to in your backyard. I don’t know what your backyard looks like, but the point is, is a change of space can easily boost a mood. Take your kids out in your backyard, let them play in the dirt, even if you just sit in a chair and watch them. Going outside is good for your soul

Open your blinds and windows-

Look we are already stuck inside due to some pretty depressing stuff. Open your dang windows and open your dang blinds!! Let the sunshine in, It will make a world of a difference!! And darling, I mean in every room!!! Not just the living room!!!

Do something for yourself-

I know you have a hobby, maybe you enjoy relaxing! I mean who doesn’t? For me, regardless if I am stuck inside orΒ  “living a normal life” I am busy. The other day, I laid on the couch for a few hours and watched TV. This is very uncommon for me. If that isn’t uncommon for you, maybe reading a book, or painting your nails, playing a game, journaling. Whatever it is, just don’t forget you need to be happy too!!

There you have it, my friends, I hope these mood boosters help you! P.S. these mood boosters will work! You just have to try! Let me know in the comments below what mood boosters you use!Β  πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

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