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The Ultimate Pinterest Checklist for 2020

The Ultimate Pinterest Checklist for 2020

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It’s the third quarter of 2020 friends, and we have heard it over and over again that Pinterest is the key to online marketing success. I’m your friend, so I’m going, to be honest with you, Pinterest can be confusing as FU**.

Excuse my “potty mouth” but it’s facts. Every year there is something new that has to be implemented to your profile if you want to make it to the Pinterest big leagues. Who has time to keep up with all of these changes? I know I sure don’t, I also know your time is valuable, so let’s keep this simple!

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I have created the Ultimate Pinterest Checklist for you! Not only will this help you get your Pinterest profile in tip-top shape to bring astonishing amounts of traffic to your website but it will help you understand what you are doing so you can feel confident when using the platform.

This is the exact checklist I use for myself and my clients that helps us bring amazing traffic to our websites, however, I want to add that if you are new to Pinterest or new to using a Pinterest Business Account, it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months to get the traffic you are looking for.

Follow these steps, and you will be pure gold babe.

***This Ultimate Pinterest Checklist for 2020 follows best practices according to Pinterest’s’ updates earlier this year. ***

The Ultimate Pinterest Checklist for 2020

Pinterest Profile Checklist & Clean Up

  • Convert your current Pinterest profile to a business profile or create a Pinterest Business Account.

  • Upload a high-quality profile picture (a picture of your beautiful face is highly recommended so visitors feel and immediate connection to you)

  • Add high-quality keywords to your Business Profile Name (this makes it easier for people to find you when they are searching for your niche)

  • Add high-quality keywords to you Business Profile Description (this will also help people find your profile when they are searching for your niche)

  • Add your website to your profile and claim it!

  • Apply for Rich Pins (This helps with SEO)

  • Upload a unique cover photo this can either be an image or video

  • If you converted your profile from a personal to a business profile, hide any boards that are not related to your niche. For instance, if you have a profile about weddings you probably won’t want a board about tigers. Use the “make secret option” in the board settings. If your profile is new, you are more than welcome to have non-niche related boards, however, make them secret before pinning to them. This will help followers understand what type of content you are posting and help them decide if they want to follow you or not. We don’t want to confuse your followers or potential followers.

  • Add some boards to your “featured boards” in your profile settings. These will be showcased and enlarged when people visit your profile

  • Create at least 25 niche related boards, this will also help you gain followers and give you more areas to pin your pins.

  • Create separate boards that are solely dedicated to your blog, products, etc. (add these to your featured board section)

  • Create board names that will help your visitors for example, instead of naming your board “delish recipes” name is crockpot dinner ideas (make it more specific)

  • Add at least 10 pins to your new boards immediately that are related to each individual board, yes they can be other pinners pins (this will help Pinterest and visitors know what your board is about) P.S. Make sure the pins you pin have good SEO too!

  • Add keywords to all of your board descriptions (this is absolutely crucial for future pins success)

  • Create beautifully branded board covers for each board to make your profile look on point!

The Ultimate Pinterest Checklist for 2020The Ultimate Pinterest Checklist for 2020

Pin Creation Checklist

  • Use Canva or PicMonkey to create high-quality pins

  • The best practice for pin dimensions are vertical & 1000×1500 px

  • Create pins that link to your blog post, products, and other content.

  • Make sure to use fonts that are easy to read

  • Use pin titles that will grab users attention (try to make the title unique)

  • Don’t be afraid to use bright colors and pin design that is out of your “norm”

  • Add your website or logo somewhere on your pin (typically top or bottom)

  • You CAN create multiple pins for one blog post

  • Don’t forget to link YOUR WEBSITE to your pin!

  • Create FRESH pins daily (I create 5 new a day, try not to go over 25 or 30)

  • Pinterest loves FRESH pins, which are brand new pins you have never pinned to Pinterest, pins are evergreen however they are really only fresh for about a week. This means you can pin pins to multiple relevant boards but don’t do it after a week. This pin will not get the attention you want, but you never know someone may come across two weeks later or a year later, and it is very possible it can bring massive traffic to your website.

  • Pin the same pin to only about 5 of your niche related boards (be sure not to go crazy Pinterest could mark you as spam)

  • Pin 90% to 95% of your own content. Pinterest encourages Business accounts to advertise their own content. This does not mean you can’t pin others’ content just make sure you limit how often you do so! (this is only relevant for boards that are not secret)

  • Pin content that is trending and seasonal content that is relevant to your niche to give you an extra boost (Pinterest users LOVE seasonal!!!!)

  • Pin seasonal content up to two months early (trust me, you can thank me later)

  • Create a compelling Pin title with strong keywords and SEO

  • Add strong keyword sentences to your descriptions including a couple of relevant hashtags

  • Use Tailwind to schedule pins weekly or monthly

  • Schedule up to 20 to 25 pins a day

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Ok friends, that was a lot of information, I know! I promise all this work will be worth it! I always tell my clients that Pinterest is like a game, if you want to win you have to play your cards right! It’s just the facts!


If any of this is still confusing, please feel free to e-mail me at or click here!!

I hope that this The Ultimate Pinterest Checklist for 2020 helped you get a jump start on your Pinterest profile!

The Ultimate Pinterest Checklist for 2020
The Ultimate Pinterest Checklist for 2020
The Ultimate Pinterest Checklist for 2020